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Department of Public Works

JV with JMA



The Military Health Base Depot (MHBD) is a formation within the South African
Military Health Service (SAMHS) responsible for the acquisition, stockpiling and
distribution of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. SAMHS required a larger,
more secure and modern base to ensure optimum functioning of this crucial formation
within the Department of Defence.


An existing military property of 64,571m² in Thaba Tshwane was selected as the most
suitable site. A number of the existing buildings on site were identified to have significant
heritage value and had to be retained in the new design.

Requirements were met through a campus-type development with 12 buildings of
different sizes and functions, including 5 heritage buildings being restored and creatively
adapted for re-use. The main functions are as follows: pharmaceutical storage, general
storage, vehicle storage, specialist storage (weapons, ammunition & medical containers)
and offices. All buildings are serviced with the latest technology and managed by a
highly advanced electronic Building Management System. The total gross building area
of the development amounted to ± 30,000m².

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