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Old Mutual Investment Group



KPMG is an international firm of Auditors, Advisers and Tax Consultants in Parktown, Johannesburg. A new campus style office building of 24 980 sqm designed to reflect contemporary office planning principles was required with an overhead bridge link to their present building. Planning principles from their London-Canary Wharf Head Office, Interpolis Head Office in the Netherlands and Berlin Office were incorporated.


Basement parking for 1 530 cars make up a total development area of 63 000 sqm. 
Presently, Phase 3 is under construction.

A service saturated ceiling is provided to ensure full flexibility during the life of the building for I.M, Power and HVAC. Carbon dioxide monitoring in office areas is provided to ensure the correct quality of fresh air.

Sustainability interventions using recovered heat for under floor heating, recycled water, grey water and various other systems driven by their economic life cycle costing evaluation, have been installed.

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